HomeAway Integration

By connecting your HomeAway account with your LockState account, approved bookings made on HomeAway will be automatically sent to your LockState account. A code will then be created for the duration of the guests stay. The code will not be sent to the guest's HomeAway app until you specify this action on the HomeAway site. You can go to the HomeAway site and set a time frame for when the guest will receive their code.

Start by logging in to your account from RemoteLock.com

From the Connect by LockState portal, click the drop down in the upper right hand corner of the page and select Integrations.

*Connect with HomeAway *

To connect your lock to a HomeAway account, click on the "Connect with HomeAway" button located in the Integrations tab.

If you are not currently logged into HomeAway, on the following screen you will be asked to log in. Proceed to the next step if already logged in.

The next page will ask to allow LockState Connect to access your HomeAway account information which will be used to create codes based on reservation from HomeAway.

A list of properties on the HomeAway account will then be displayed. Select the property or properties that you would like to integrate with this lock.