1. From the Connect Portal sign in page, select Create Account.

2. Fill in all the appropriate user information including Name, Email, and Password. Accept the Terms of Service and click Create Account.

An email should be sent to the provided email address with your LockState Connect Account Credentials.

3. After clicking Create Account, you'll land on the Plans page where you'll need to select the Account Plan that best suits your needs.

Please note, there are account level costs as well as costs per device for wifi enabled locks. Even if the basic (free) account is selected, there will still be device level fees incurred. This is explained in depth in our Billing article or by contacting our sales team at: sales@lockstate.com

Why do we cahrge fees?

4. After selecting your Account Plan, provide your credit card information or complete this step later by going to My Account > Billing.

5. Finally, you'll land on your account's dashboard where you'll be able to Register your device.